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Clementine has a lot to say, so we created a platform to support that voice. We’ve learned a lot from our years spent in the telephone answering service industry, and our blog is designed to help your business succeed on all fronts.

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Answering Service Supports Hurricane Relief

In response to the devastation that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have brought to those impacted in Texas and Florida, Clementine Live Answering Service has partnered with ITEX to donate to non-profit organizations that can help provide relief in those local communities.

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Clementine Live Answering Assists with Hurricane Harvey Relief

In response to the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought to those impacted in Texas, Clementine Live Answering Service has partnered with Green Apple to donate to non-profit organizations that can help provide relief in those local communities.

Why Call Center Quality Assurance is Important

Call centers handle thousands of interactions with their customers.  For call center personnel, that call is their product.  As with any product on the market, consistency is one of the keys to product longevity.  Take fast food for example.  When you order a hamburger from McDonald’s, it is the same whether you purchase it in Chicago or Los Angeles; it will be a .10 lb. hamburger patty, cooked on a grill with a bun, ketchup, mustard, two pickles and rehydrated onions.  McDonald’s brand depends on consistency through quality.

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Five Things You Should Know About an Answering Service

Answering services are like an extension of your team. Although answering services work in remote locations and may never meet your customers face to face, they can be reliable resources to extend your services. Here are five things to know about answering services.

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Getting a Handle on Average Handle Time

One of the most critical metrics for call centers is Average Handle Time (AHT). This measures the call time from beginning to end between agent and caller. AHT is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that assesses efficiency of the call center.

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How to Use an Answering Service to Solve Business Issues

Pain points. We’ve all got them. They can be real, like trying to stay on a budget or perceived, like feeling underappreciated by customers. By acknowledging the issues and finding experts to help, you’ll be on the path to solving them. Here are some ways your answering service can help solve big business issues.

Why hire a live answering service?

Without help, being available 24 hours per day for your customers is unrealistic. If you are a one-person company, it is exhausting and demanding. If you are a multi-person company, the additional staff required can end up costing more than it is worth.

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4 Tools You Can Only Access with an Answering Service

You expect your answering service to respond to customers exactly the way you would, and we understand that. Stay on top of your time and incoming communications by utilizing the benefits of an answering service and tools they offer.

Call Center Employee Burnout

One of the largest issues that call centers face is high turnover. Several factors contribute to call center attrition, such as performance issues, attendance issues, etc. The largest contributor to call center attrition is employee burnout. Employee burnout happens when they have exhausted their emotional or physical strength. Burnout can be a result of high stress, inconsistent scheduling, frustration, and feeling a lack of support from leadership.

Virtual Receptionists Help Businesses Work Better

We know you can’t be at a desk answering calls all day, however, a virtual receptionist can. Throughout a single business day, it’s impossible to predict how many calls will pull you away from your work or customers who are there in person. Hiring a virtual receptionist can eliminate the need to be glued to the phone.

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