The revolutionary live answering service.
Built to be there, so you don't have to.

How it works.

About us.

Our trained, professional team is there for your business when you can’t be. We take care of every call and every caller with the utmost confidentiality. Day or night, we answer the phone, manage messages, filter and patch calls. You never miss a call. Let Clementine carry your business further so you can carry on with each and every day.

One week is all it takes to see how Clementine will positively affect your business. We'll work with you to find the pricing package or custom solution that makes sense for your business and your budget. Try us for free for 7-days and see how we can help your business soar.


Who is using Clementine?

Oil and Gas

“Last year’s winter brought record-breaking snowfall and cold temperatures. When customers underestimated oil consumption, Clementine was there to take calls throughout the night and fill our customers’ needs.”


Utility Technician


“Because the medical field requires that we meet our patients’ emergency needs on a 24/7 basis, we depend on Clementine to process our calls efficiently and confidentially, both day and night.”

Dr. Anderson


Property Management

“Clementine acts as my call filter, so I only get calls when there is an emergency at my property. Plus, my residents like knowing there’s round-the-clock live service to address their calls and emails.”


Property Manager

Small business

“Missed calls mean lost opportunity. I’m proud to be a small business owner but can’t support the salary of a full-time receptionist with our current revenue. Clementine has become just that, and for a fraction of the cost.”



Home Services

“Home service businesses like mine can’t afford to lose clients to missed calls. Clementine has become my right-hand man by handling the phones while I’m on the job.”



Medical Office Manager

“I trust Clementine’s professionalism when dealing with our doctors and nurses and am confident that our patients’ needs are being met even when I’m off the clock. I have better work-life separation by putting my trust in Clementine.”


Office Manager