Bail Bonds Answering Service

Use Clementine to maximize efficiency and lead potential for your bail bond agency.

The bail bonds industry can get hectic on a daily basis and that’s why it’s important to have an answering service that can act as your right-hand man. Sure, it’s helpful to have an agent there to answer your calls, but beyond that, you need an answering service that understands your line of work enough to route calls, page out requests, stick to your customized script and pick up on the terminology of the business. Clementine’s agents are trained to do just that so you can feel confident leaving your bail bonds communications in our capable hands.

Day or night, let Clementine answer.

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Services for your company include:

  • Secure Messaging App
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Smart Transfers
  • Secure Web Portal
  • Custom Scripting
  • Call Overflow

“The bail bonds industry can be hard to understand, but Clementine’s agents have experience in the market and know how to properly answer and route our calls.”
- Jason, Bail Bond Agent

“With Clementine, I never miss a call. I forward my calls when I’m unavailable and trust that my employees will still know where to go and when.”
- Darnell, Bail Bond Agent

See for yourself!

Let Clementine take care of your calls and your callers so you can simply carry on.


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