HIPAA Compliance: Beneficial for all businesses

Medical professionals understand the importance of customer interactions. During stressful situations, patients require support, reassurance and professionalism – a lifeline in an otherwise scary and unknown world. But even when they’re uncertain or afraid, patients also look for one more thing: privacy. And in the healthcare industry, this privacy is key.

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was enacted in 1996 to protect the privacy, security and confidentiality of patient information/data. When the Act passed, a standardized a set of transactions and rules was established across all health platforms.

When you’re away from the office and unable to speak to patients or customers directly, it’s important to entrust your calls and emails to an answering service that shares the same privacy standards that you do. You don’t want a call center that touts a meager level of confidentiality. You want one that is reputable, 100% HIPAA compliant and ensures it.

Ensure your live answering service has taken the time to gain HIPAA compliance so you can feel confident handing over your incoming communications. Be certain they have undergone an intensive HIPAA training course and are well-versed in the protocol before taking their first call. These precautions are necessary so your patients feel secure, and you always feel at ease.

Although it’s tailored to the medical profession, HIPAA compliant standards extend beyond just the medical field. Small businesses, oil & gas companies, property management, home services and other businesses can also benefit from stringent privacy standards.

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