Superior Service in Any Situation

When severe weather, power outages or emergencies strike, Clementine answers. No matter where you live, weather can be unpredictable, and emergency situations can occur without warning. But because we have come to accept these things, we’ve learned to prepare for the worst. If you live in a state that frequently experiences tornadoes or snowstorms, for example, you likely have a designated spot for your family to gather or an extra shovel on hand for times of heavy snow. If your area is the victim of common power outages, you’re bound to have a generator or abundance of flashlights at the ready in case the lights go out.

Yet while you may be an expert at planning ahead for these instances, does the proactive thinking carry over to your business or practice?

When inclement weather, a power outage or emergency situation strikes, it’s imperative that your patients and customers are still able to contact you and that your business doesn’t shut down completely. Whether you have an answering service set up in advance or reach out to one for immediate short- or long-term service during a disaster, a TAS will help keep your business afloat and your customers happy. When deciding on an answering service to manage your incoming communications, make sure the company has the capacity to handle increased call volumes and has redundancy systems in place so your secure information is never in jeopardy. Additionally, look for agents who are friendly and sympathetic so your callers will be put at ease. Those attributes are especially needed during emergency situations.

Whatever comes your way, make sure you’re prepared. Don’t let the next storm or power outage disrupt your business’ momentum or halt your service completely.

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