4 Tools You Can Only Access with an Answering Service

You expect your answering service to respond to customers exactly the way you would, and we understand that. Stay on top of your time and incoming communications by utilizing the benefits of an answering service and tools they offer.

An on-call virtual receptionist will manage your calls. Whether you need this answering service benefit all the time or just when staff is busiest, a virtual receptionist can make your life easier. They’ll always stick to your script, answer caller’s questions as you would, and deliver all messages as specified.

For ease of viewing all your messages, we’ve created our user-friendly web portal. The HIPAA-compliant app is accessible on the go and keeps information in one place. Log in at any time to check messages, change your on-call schedule, and view reports.

Appointment setting may be one of the top benefits of an answering service because it allows you to keep a full calendar and maximize revenue. Using web-based software we schedule appointments, set reminders, and keep your calendar up-to-date. If there’s a last-minute change, we can even handle the cancellations and rescheduling.

Even when you’re on call, agents use smart transfers to send crucial calls to you immediately. We use the utmost discretion to identify your customer’s needs and only patch them through to you when necessary.

Taking advantage of the benefits of an answering service means your customers will always be satisfied with service. Clementine agents are here whenever you need us to respond to customers just like you would.

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