Why hire a live answering service?

Without help, being available 24 hours per day for your customers is unrealistic. If you are a one-person company, it is exhausting and demanding. If you are a multi-person company, the additional staff required can end up costing more than it is worth.

A live answering service helps you give your customers the attention they need when you and your team are not available. You can customize what and how a live answering service provides services for your customers:
• How they answer your calls;
• If they answer questions or just take messages;
• If they schedule appointments in your management system or fill out lead forms for you to follow up with;
• Or, if they screen and patch priority calls to your on-call staff.

With a live answering service, you pay per minute, not per hour and provides your business with increased flexibility and presence while avoiding the overhead associated with maintaining a 24-hour staff.

You will not have to worry about checking voicemail or answering every call because the answering service has you covered with a live person greeting all your callers and attending to their immediate needs.

Read more about how an answering service can solve potential business pain points at Clementine’s blog.

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