Answering Service Supports Early Childhood Learning

As accelerating educational standards have set higher benchmarks for students at younger ages, early childhood education has become a necessity. Unfortunately, many working families cannot afford these types of private programs for their children.

Jack & Jill Children’s Center works to provide quality early childhood education and family strengthening programs to children of high need working families.

“In our employee recruiting efforts, we find that many potential candidates are challenged in the most fundamental skills of reading and writing,” said Matt Bejin, Clementine’s Senior Director of Human Resources. “Seeing this first hand, we want to do anything we can to help improve early educational opportunities for those in need.”

To do so, Clementine partnered with ITEX (, a payment technology platform, to make a notable donation of ITEX dollars to further support Jack & Jill’s Children’s Center in its mission to provide early childhood education.

Additional donations to Jack & Jill’s Children’s Center can be made online at

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