How a Simple Idea Is Changing an Industry

Clementine Live Answering Service is reinventing the Answering Service industry with one simple idea. Excellent customer service requires affordability and flexibility.

The founders of Clementine have maintained this concept throughout the development process. “For us, the client’s callers always come first, therefore we offer affordable options and serve a vast spectrum of needs for business owners,” said Kelly Smythe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Clementine Live Answering has proved this with their adaptable service and a mission of meeting and exceeding customers’ needs.

Not only do they have a strong customer-focused experience with extensive agent training, they have multiple ways for their clients to access this service. Their service is flexible, so businesses can use them for after-hours answering, appointment setting, or even overflow call handling.

Clementine knows availability is a common issue for business owners and that this can affect the growth of a company. “We wanted to provide opportunities for companies of all sizes and industries to be able to grow. We strive to evolve with the ever-changing needs of our clients and their customers,” stated Smythe. By expanding the industries they serve, it makes it easy for Clementine to see and meet your business’s ever-changing customer service needs.

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