Employee Training Sessions

Clementine’s agents are trained extensively in call answering. From day one, our centers put an emphasis on education and training to help improve our customer service. While training sessions are important, our call center management also provides feedback sessions throughout the work day.

These sessions are important to how Clementine operates, immediate feedback helps make sure that our center is continually improving. We also recognize that while training agents is important, training our managers is equally important.

Our managers use the following skills during their employee feedback sessions:
• Engage the employee in discussion of performance
• Use open-ended questions and limit closed-ended questions
• Actively listen to the team member. Allow them to speak openly
• Demonstrate courtesy and professionalism by allowing the team member to speak without interruption
• Explain the expectations for the performance discussed
• When praising a team member’s success, be sure to use “You” words
• When discussing an area of opportunity, be sure to use collaborating “We” words

We find it so important to make sure that our employees have our undivided attention and support during these meetings. Their skill development is Clementine’s priority to deliver the best to our customers. We understand the importance of our agents on your business and work hard to continue our quality.

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