5 Quick Business Tips to Keep You Connected

Five quick business tips to keep you connected with your customers:

1. Proactively communicate. Answer incoming calls quickly and provide thorough answers with as many concrete specifics, like facts and dates, as possible.
2. Technology doesn’t always equal productivity. Customers prefer a live person answering questions on the other end of the phone, they want to feel heard and to receive confirmation they’ve been understood.
3. Cut down on multi-tasking. Whether at home or at work, when we’re juggling multiple tasks at once our brains are drained of the energy required to focus on a project. Perpetually switching between tasks is exhausting and makes you much less efficient.
4. Be aware of cultural differences. There’s no official language in the United States, and there are plenty of potential customers who don’t speak English that can use your services. Consider offering multi-lingual answering if possible, this way every potential lead can become a satisfied customer.
5. Remember your regulations. If you choose to contract services outside your office, look for organizations that put their staff through extensive training on privacy rules and regulations. Explain your expectations and offer real-world scenarios, asking how they would respond.

These tips will help you create relationships with your customers and understand their needs. Maintaining a human connection helps customers feel more connected to your business and increases referral rates.

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