The Dos and Don’ts

Some considerations before hiring a HIPAA-compliant business. One way to ensure your practice or business maintains the highest privacy and security standards is to be certain the other companies you contract services with are HIPAA compliant.

Ensure you’re working with an entity that not only values privacy and security but also takes rigorous measures to maintain it. Here are some things to consider:

DO ensure their staff has been trained extensively in HIPAA privacy rules and regulations
DON’T forget to make sure all of their communications (phone, email, chat, etc.) are compliant
DO make certain they do not have any outstanding HIPAA violations
DON’T be afraid to offer real-world scenarios and ask them how they would respond
DO explain your expectations for strict adherence to HIPAA
DON’T assume they’re diligent about privacy without proof
DO get a signed business associate agreement

Whether you’re working with a software provider, attorney, answering service or other business entity, take the time to confirm that they’re a partner you can trust with protected health information. Your patients depend on you to safeguard their privacy and to choose business partners that will do the same.

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