Communication: Your Key to Success

Give customers the clarity they crave. It doesn’t take much for customers to be frank and forthright about how you do business. Read any Yelp or Google review and you’ll see some very clear communication. Whether they’re pleased or dissatisfied with your products or service, they’re often painfully honest and crystal clear.

Customers expect the same clear communication from your business. They don’t want to be tangled up in a telephone voicemail system or passed from person to person. And they definitely don’t want the runaround from a live person or from an automated system. They want immediate answers and a direct response. And it’s in your business’ best interest to provide both.

How can you give customers the clarity they want?

Be responsive. Answer incoming communications quickly (a live answering service can help with this).
Be complete. Always provide the particulars as thoroughly and clearly as possible. Avoid generalities and opt instead for concrete specifics such as facts, figures and dates.
Be forthright. If you don’t have an answer, say so and let them know you’ll find out (and then, of course, get back with them promptly).
Be proactive. As soon as possible, let customers know what to expect (for instance, don’t wait for a customer to inquire about an installation date – tell them before they ask!)
Be concise. It doesn’t matter what a customer’s education level is, short, direct sentences work best.
Be accurate. Don’t assume spellcheck will catch every error. Read and re-read written communications to ensure a typo or missed word hasn’t changed the meaning of what you’re trying to convey.

Give your customers the clear communication they want from the very beginning of your relationship. A live answering service can help get you started and keep you on the path to success.

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