Don’t risk it.

Your patients’ trust is paramount. It takes time, attention and a lot of hard work to earn the trust of the people you care for at your practice. That bond you build should last a long time, and you certainly don’t want to do anything that could cause irreparable damage to the relationship. A breach in privacy or a call that isn’t secure is sometimes all it takes to lose trust and convince a patient to go elsewhere.

Don’t run the risk of losing a single patient to the competition. Take these privacy and security precautions when you’re hiring or evaluating your live answering service:

  • Put your trust only in an answering service that is 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Ensure that anyone who will be communicating with your patients has been rigorously trained in privacy practices
  • Be certain the service is HIPAA compliant in all forms of communication you will be using, whether that’s phone, email, chat or all three
  • Before you sign on with a service, make sure they do not have any HIPAA violations


Keep the trust you’ve worked hard to earn and work only with a live answering service that takes privacy and security seriously. Using anything else is just not work the risk.

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