When Technology is a Turnoff

Real people keep you really connected. The promise of technology is typically efficiency. But voicemail systems – even the best ones – can be clunky, hard to navigate and irritating. Even if a customer or patient chooses to leave a message, they’re often not satisfied with the response time. In fact, people today rarely engage with the dying messaging systems and choose instead to abandon calls entirely if they reach a business voicemail system.

Irritation and inefficiency aside, there are many reasons people prefer to have a live person on the other end of the line.

Immediate response – Callers are impatient, and answering systems simply aren’t fast enough. A live person can answer quickly and keep callers from getting lost in the deep black hole of recorded prompts and commands.

Instant gratification – People pick up the phone because they want information, answers or just to be heard – and they want it now. Even the most advanced voicemail system can’t offer immediate answers or a live, listening ear.

Two-way interaction – Speaking into a recording device is unsatisfying. There’s no feedback, responsiveness or confirmation that you’ve been heard. A live telephone answering service gives callers someone to communicate with rather than a device to talk at.

Human connection – A real voice is always more personal, professional and welcoming than one that’s recorded. A recording can be frustrating and leave a negative impression behind, but that live, human connection can have a positive impact on your business

Don’t fall for the false promise that technology is always best. Your business or practice will be significantly better for having a real, live person answering your incoming calls.

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