Abandonment Issues.

Keep your callers from hanging up and disappearing for good. Recent studies show that for every call that goes unanswered by your business or practice, there is an 80% chance the caller will hang up without leaving a voicemail. That’s a staggering statistic, and one that can lead to the downfall of a business if not taken seriously. Since missed calls can result in lost leads and lost revenue, it’s imperative that your calls are answered the right way, right away. That’s where an answering service can help.

Hiring an answering service could prove to be one of the most beneficial moves you ever make for your business. Instead of dropping your work to pick up every call that comes in or hiring someone to manage your phones full-time, an answering service can be there to answer round-the-clock for a fraction of the cost. More importantly, by answering calls right when they come in, you will keep callers from hanging up, being forced to leave a voice message or taking their business elsewhere. Small and large businesses across a variety of industries have seen astonishing results by employing answering services to pick up promptly and professionally.

Don’t let your business suffer from abandonment issues. Next time, let an answering service pick up your calls right away.

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