Triage Your Calls

A win-win for doctors and patients. In the midst of medical emergencies, people look to their doctors for immediate assistance. Whether one is suffering from a stomachache, fever, ear infection or more severe ailment, human instincts urge us to pick up the phone and contact a professional who can help. Not only are doctors sometimes unavailable when they’re needed, but certain situations may not even require a doctor’s assistance. When a less severe medical situation presents itself, the most effective way to work through it might actually be over the phone with the help of a nurse.

Nowadays, many telephone answering services are partnering with companies that provide nurse triaging. Triaging services consist of a team of nurses who are qualified to assist patients over the phone and determine the kind of care they may need. The nurses are trained to ask specific questions in order to assess the situation and know when to escalate calls or refer patients to the emergency room.

Here’s how it works:
• When a patient calls your office, an answering service will pick up and forward that call to nurse triaging if the patient requires medical attention.
• The nurse triaging service will ask questions and assist the patient or forward the call further if necessary.
• After the interaction takes place, a message will be delivered to the doctor with a summary of the interaction.

Working with an answering service that operates this way will help you make the most of the day by allowing you to focus on the patients in front of you while your calls are simultaneously being answered. You can maximize time and resources by entrusting calls to an answering service that will always pick up – one that will make your patients feel secure by providing them with the quality care they deserve, day and night.

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