Tried and Tired Technology

Voicemail is a dying technology. Don’t let yourself fall behind the times. People rarely leave voicemails these days. They’re slow, inefficient and oftentimes unreliable. After waiting through five rings, callers must sit through voicemail instructions, leave the message, and then wait. And wait. Responses aren’t ever guaranteed, and especially on time sensitive issues, can’t be trusted.

It’s just not how our society moves anymore.

Today, we’re all about the here, the now. We look to absorb information and receive responses in the quickest way possible. Even if that involves spanning multiple forms of communication (text, instant message, social media, the list goes on).

By adhering to old forms of communication, your business is sure to lag behind. While you can’t always be there to answer the phones, you also can’t expect your callers to wait. Recent Vonage studies report that voicemail volumes are dropping significantly year after year. Callers have become more annoyed than helped by the technology and will often abandon their call if faced with leaving a voicemail message. Letting a telephone answering service manage your incoming communications will make sure potential customers never experience this frustration.

Don’t sequester yourself in the tried and tired. Embrace the now.

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