Take Tone Seriously

The tone of the person answering your calls can greatly affect customers’ perception of your business. For years, researchers have been conducting studies on the effects of smiling. Almost conclusively, results show that smiling positively affects one’s mood and overall health, while also spreading happiness to the people around them. Positive energy is magnetic. It’s one of the most highly regarded traits in humans. And no matter the industry in which a person works, replacing negativity with a positive outlook is sure to reap more benefits than one.

But, this proves to be especially true in industries that rely on customer service.

Imagine making a call to a customer service number and being greeted by a representative whose voice exudes unhappiness and boredom. Instead of having a quick, smooth conversation, the phone call is likely to end in raised voices and irritation – feelings you certainly don’t want callers to associate with your business. In the telephone answering service industry particularly, tone is everything. You want agents who can keep their cool for patients during stressful situations and can make someone smile with their pleasant words and calm demeanor. Because at the end of the day, their words are a reflection back on your business. And your business’ success is one of the things that matters most.

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