Keeping Secrets Safe

Privacy and Security: The two tenets of HIPAA that a good telephone answering service must uphold. When humans possess items of worth, our natural instinct is to protect them from others. Since these objects hold some sort of value, we make an effort to keep them safe. But what if these valuables aren’t physical objects at all? What if they’re secrets, ideas, personal information? Intangibles that can’t be protected by lock and key?

That’s where it can get tricky.
Just as you wouldn’t tell a passerby one of your deepest secrets, you don’t want to put your customers or patients in a situation where their personal information could be compromised. To be completely sure that your callers are safe and their information is protected, you need a telephone answering service that is 100% HIPAA compliant. One that has gone through the training and put in the time to make sure every call and every caller is secure.
Whether communication is taking place via phone or email, entrust your customers and patients to an answering service that cares. One without the HIPAA violations. One that will keep every piece of information sealed down like a vault.

And only once you’ve done that will you feel confident throwing away the key.

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