What does your business need to cover incoming communications?

Your business is as unique as you are. Whether you’re in landscaping, have a medical practice or own a bakery, you know that your business is different from one down the street or across the state. Yes, you may be in the same industry, but you have different clientele, your own way of running things and individualized plans and goals.

When you choose services for your business, you probably have a good handle on what your specific needs are. Need an IT company? You know how many computers you have and how they’re used. Looking for billing software? You know your processes and who is handling them. Not everything is as crystal clear. For instance, do you know how many customer phone calls you’re missing because nobody is there to answer them? Do you know how many new leads will never call back because they happened upon a confusing voicemail system? Do you have any idea how many patients are frustrated and ready to leave your practice because they couldn’t reach you after hours?

Remove the guesswork with this quick checklist of services you probably need to help you stay in constant communication:

If you own a small business, you probably need:

  • Trained agents who understand your business and treat your customers with the same care you do
  •  24/7 coverage so you never miss a customer or lead
  • Appointment setting and message delivery by app, email, text and more

If you own or run a medical practice, you need:

  • A trained team of live agents who handle your calls with professionalism and privacy
  • A 100% HIPAA compliant answering service to ensure your practice and patient information is always secure
  • Customized scripting, on-call accuracy and secure messaging
  • 24/7 service, including after hours, weekends and holidays so your patients are always in good hands

If you operate a home services company, you need:

  • Virtual receptionist services and appointment setting so you don’t miss incoming communications (or new customers) when you’re out on a job
  • Message delivery so you can get the important messages when and how you prefer them
  • Call filtering and custom sales questionnaires

If you’re in property management, you need:

  • Agents who are trained to handle property questions, escalate emergency calls, manage maintenance requests and set appointments
  • Round-the-clock service, including after hours, weekends and holidays so you can focus on your priorities

No matter which industry you’re in, find the live answering service that can help you determine precisely which services you need to cover all your incoming communications.

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