Weather the Storm

Winter and the weather it brings can cause disruptions in your life. But it also can affect your business or practice. While you’re stockpiling salt and digging out the snow shovels at home, it’s important to also consider the havoc winter weather can bring to your business – and then prepare accordingly

Sleet. Snow. Ice. Bitter cold. Each brings challenges. All can bring your business to a screeching halt if you don’t deal with them properly and promptly. Best to begin planning now so your business is ready for the worst. Some simple tips:

Prepare: Replace weather stripping. Shut off outdoor plumbing to prevent frozen pipes. Eliminate drafts, leaks and cracks. Invest in a generator so you can stay open even if the power goes out.

Schedule: Ensure you’ve got a plan in place to get rid of snow and ice. A removal service that is on call to clear walkways and parking areas will help your staff get to work and help customers or patients get to you safely.

Communicate: Your staff needs to know the plan for inclement weather, so let everyone know how you will communicate with them if there’s information they need to know.

Cover Calls: Just because bad weather is keeping staff away doesn’t mean incoming callers should suffer. Speak now with a live answering service and be certain their professional team is on call to get your calls when the weather acts up. Your customers – and your bottom line – will appreciate not having a disruption.

Don’t let wicked weather sneak up on you. Thinking about it today and preparing a plan will help your business or practice take on the worst winter storms.

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