The Myth of Multitasking

Free yourself from multiple tasks and become more efficient. Often, we wear our ability to multitask as a badge of honor. “Look how many things can get done when we’re doing them at the same time,” we exclaim. Truth is, we’re far less efficient when we’re trying to do tasks simultaneously. Our brains just can’t handle it. Neuroscientific research proves it.

When we multitask – at work or in life – we actually aren’t doing more than one activity at once. Instead, we’re just switching quickly between them, and that perpetual switching is exhausting. From a physical perspective, it uses up oxygenated glucose in the brain, depleting the fuel you need to actually focus. Bottom line: multitasking literally drains your brains of the energy it needs to focus on tasks. And that makes you much less efficient at the same time it makes you much more tired.

If your brain isn’t functioning well with multitasking, chances are your business can’t either. Hand off the headache of answering incoming communications and you can also free yourself up to tackle the other tasks your business or practice demands. A well-trained live answering service can be there round-the-click to ensure your patients or customers are continually taken care of while you do the other necessary tasks required throughout the course of a day. Best of all, your brain will not feel drained. It may even thank you.

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