Neil, Insurance Agent

“When we’re out of the office for the evening or away for the weekend, calls continue to roll in. Instead of leaving these calls unanswered or losing out on potential customers, Clementine answers for us.”

Quinn, Insurance Agent

“Callers can be impatient, and not answering them immediately can cause frustration and anger. Clementine keeps our customers happy and maximizes lead potential by answering the right way, right away.”

Dr. Nash, Therapist

“Since the majority of my day is spent in front of patients, it’s imperative to have a trustworthy answering service that can manage my phones. Clementine’s service has helped our practice immensely.”

Dr. Bolden, Physician

“Clementine takes our overflow calls, schedules appointments and is able to recognize the urgency of emergency calls and assist accordingly.”

Nurse Johnson, Pediatric Nurse

“I no longer feel guilty when I leave the hospital for the night because I know Clementine’s agents are there for our patients and families should they need anything.”

Nurse Collins, pediatric nurse

“Nobody who reaches the point of calling for hospice wants to be put on hold or leave a tearful message, and Clementine makes sure that never happens.”

Norma, medical practice office manager

“Clementine keeps our patient information private and our patients happy! What more could we ask for?”

Marilyn, hospice director

“Compassion is crucial for us. Clementine’s agents show theirs with every call they take for us.”

Libby, Receptionist

“When I’m already on the phone with a patient or assisting one in the office, I end up having to put incoming calls on hold. Clementine gives me extra support so we can always give patients the attention they deserve.”

Henry, home health care manager

“We became much more efficient and effective when we started having Clementine help with post-discharge calls.”