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Clementine has a lot to say, so we created a platform to support that voice. We’ve learned a lot from our years spent in the telephone answering service industry, and our blog is designed to help your business succeed on all fronts.

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What does your business need to cover incoming communications?

Your business is as unique as you are. Whether you’re in landscaping, have a medical practice or own a bakery, you know that your business is different from one down the street or across the state. Yes, you may be in the same industry, but you have different clientele, your own way of running things and individualized plans and goals.

Guy Checking Time

Timing is Everything

Callers are impatient. Answering promptly is crucial to growing your business and gathering leads. You know the frustration of sitting on hold or being sent to voicemail when you’re looking for assistance. It’s irritating, time-consuming and almost always guaranteed to leave you in a bad mood. So why put your patients or customers in that situation?


HIPAA Compliance: Beneficial for all businesses

Medical professionals understand the importance of customer interactions. During stressful situations, patients require support, reassurance and professionalism – a lifeline in an otherwise scary and unknown world. But even when they’re uncertain or afraid, patients also look for one more thing: privacy. And in the healthcare industry, this privacy is key.

Robot using phone answering system

Real People Preferred: Give customers a personal touch.

We’re surrounded by technology designed to make life easier. Think voicemail systems and automated answering. Your customers, however, don’t necessarily care about what makes your life easy. They want their experiences to be personal and professional. Neither of which they’ll get from recorded messages or automation. Not having a real person answering your incoming communication can negatively affect your business. In fact, 80% of people will hang up if they reach voicemail – proof that a real person can have a real impact on your business.

Carrier Pigeon

Communication Takes Flight.

Before the telephone, there was the telegraph. And long before then, there was the carrier pigeon. Carrier pigeons proclaimed the winner of the Olympics in ancient Greece. Financiers used them to deliver important, confidential messages. They carried updates and stock prices from news agencies. Governments across the globe relied on them to pass information and deliver mail. And the trusted birds were instrumental in relaying top secret information during war time.