Don’t risk it.

Your patients’ trust is paramount. It takes time, attention and a lot of hard work to earn the trust of the people you care for at your practice. That bond you build should last a long time, and you certainly don’t want to do anything that could cause irreparable damage to the relationship. A breach in privacy or a call that isn’t secure is sometimes all it takes to lose trust and convince a patient to go elsewhere.

Triage Your Calls

A win-win for doctors and patients. In the midst of medical emergencies, people look to their doctors for immediate assistance. Whether one is suffering from a stomachache, fever, ear infection or more severe ailment, human instincts urge us to pick up the phone and contact a professional who can help. Not only are doctors sometimes unavailable when they’re needed, but certain situations may not even require a doctor’s assistance. When a less severe medical situation presents itself, the most effective way to work through it might actually be over the phone with the help of a nurse.

Calm, Cool & Collected

Give your callers reassurance in their scariest moments. In the midst of medical emergencies, the first emotion that is often felt by people is panic. Pure panic. And to follow this panic? Frantic phone calls.