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Clementine has a lot to say, so we created a platform to support that voice. We’ve learned a lot from our years spent in the telephone answering service industry, and our blog is designed to help your business succeed on all fronts.

Call Center Employee Burnout

One of the largest issues that call centers face is high turnover. Several factors contribute to call center attrition, such as performance issues, attendance issues, etc. The largest contributor to call center attrition is employee burnout. Employee burnout happens when they have exhausted their emotional or physical strength. Burnout can be a result of high stress, inconsistent scheduling, frustration, and feeling a lack of support from leadership.

Virtual Receptionists Help Businesses Work Better

We know you can’t be at a desk answering calls all day, however, a virtual receptionist can. Throughout a single business day, it’s impossible to predict how many calls will pull you away from your work or customers who are there in person. Hiring a virtual receptionist can eliminate the need to be glued to the phone.

Clementine Employee Action Plans

Clementine’s culture is built on Integrity, Accountability, Positivity, and Enjoyment. Part of the accountability in our culture is that we instill in our workplace that everyone working together increases performance. We work to create effective leaders that ensure their team members are correcting performance opportunities and increasing their performance on a consistent basis. One of the ways we accomplish this is by developing effective action plans.

5 Quick Business Tips to Keep You Connected

Five quick business tips to keep you connected with your customers:

1. Proactively communicate. Answer incoming calls quickly and provide thorough answers with as many concrete specifics, like facts and dates, as possible.
2. Technology doesn’t always equal productivity. Customers prefer a live person answering questions on the other end of the phone, they want to feel heard and to receive confirmation they’ve been understood.

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Employee Training Sessions

Clementine’s agents are trained extensively in call answering. From day one, our centers put an emphasis on education and training to help improve our customer service. While training sessions are important, our call center management also provides feedback sessions throughout the work day.

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Our Cheat Sheet to Business Growth

The ultimate cheat sheet to business growth is enlisting an answering service. Hiring a team of trained professionals ensures that all answering, including after-hours calls, will be handled. This keeps your calendar full of appointments and, most importantly, keeps customers happy. The personal touch of a live voice on the other side of each call, answering caller’s questions improves the customer experience. With Clementine as your answering service, you can choose which calls come through to you, how calls are answered by our agents, and how you receive messages.

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Weather the Storm

Winter and the weather it brings can cause disruptions in your life. But it also can affect your business or practice. While you’re stockpiling salt and digging out the snow shovels at home, it’s important to also consider the havoc winter weather can bring to your business – and then prepare accordingly

The Myth of Multitasking

Free yourself from multiple tasks and become more efficient. Often, we wear our ability to multitask as a badge of honor. “Look how many things can get done when we’re doing them at the same time,” we exclaim. Truth is, we’re far less efficient when we’re trying to do tasks simultaneously. Our brains just can’t handle it. Neuroscientific research proves it.

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Valued Customers are Valuable

Relationships flourish with mutual respect and when all parties feel valued. The same is true in business. When customers or patients feel valued, they can grow your business or practice. If they don’t, they can stop it in its tracks.

24/7 answering service

Round the clock accessibility.

Be there even when you can’t. In a time of instant online ordering, immediate access to information and a 24-hour news cycle, people expect to get what they want at precisely the moment they want it. To keep up, it’s imperative that you’re available to customers or patients when they want you to be. That’s obviously impossible – especially if you want to sleep and have a life.