Virtual Receptionists Help Businesses Work Better

We know you can’t be at a desk answering calls all day, however, a virtual receptionist can. Throughout a single business day, it’s impossible to predict how many calls will pull you away from your work or customers who are there in person. Hiring a virtual receptionist can eliminate the need to be glued to the phone.

Our Cheat Sheet to Business Growth

The ultimate cheat sheet to business growth is enlisting an answering service. Hiring a team of trained professionals ensures that all answering, including after-hours calls, will be handled. This keeps your calendar full of appointments and, most importantly, keeps customers happy. The personal touch of a live voice on the other side of each call, answering caller’s questions improves the customer experience. With Clementine as your answering service, you can choose which calls come through to you, how calls are answered by our agents, and how you receive messages.

Valued Customers are Valuable

Relationships flourish with mutual respect and when all parties feel valued. The same is true in business. When customers or patients feel valued, they can grow your business or practice. If they don’t, they can stop it in its tracks.

Round the clock accessibility.

Be there even when you can’t. In a time of instant online ordering, immediate access to information and a 24-hour news cycle, people expect to get what they want at precisely the moment they want it. To keep up, it’s imperative that you’re available to customers or patients when they want you to be. That’s obviously impossible – especially if you want to sleep and have a life.

Communication: Your Key to Success

Give customers the clarity they crave. It doesn’t take much for customers to be frank and forthright about how you do business. Read any Yelp or Google review and you’ll see some very clear communication. Whether they’re pleased or dissatisfied with your products or service, they’re often painfully honest and crystal clear.

Abandonment Issues.

Keep your callers from hanging up and disappearing for good. Recent studies show that for every call that goes unanswered by your business or practice, there is an 80% chance the caller will hang up without leaving a voicemail. That’s a staggering statistic, and one that can lead to the downfall of a business if not taken seriously. Since missed calls can result in lost leads and lost revenue, it’s imperative that your calls are answered the right way, right away. That’s where an answering service can help.

(Your) Time is of the Essence

Bring your business maximum success by making the most of every minute. You’ve heard the age-old mantra ‘Focus on what really matters’ time and time again. It’s a phrase people try to live by in their daily lives, a reminder to do activities that are productive and fulfilling. Phrases like this have staying power because they are widely applicable. And they apply to one’s personal life as well as they do to one’s professional life.

Language Barrier Blues

Accommodating answering to accommodate all. Unlike many countries around the world, the United States has no official language. Ours is a culture of mixed backgrounds, customs and languages, a place where people’s differences are celebrated, not overshadowed. And because our country teaches us to embrace the traits that set us apart, shouldn’t your business or practice be equally accommodating?

What to Look For

Is your answering service meeting your needs? In a perfect world, you’d be there for your patients and customers 24/7 – there to answer every call, email and incoming message they’re sending your way. But try as you might, you simply can’t. Voicemails can be a good safety net, but callers don’t always have the patience to leave messages. Receptionists can help cover the phones, but can quickly become too expensive when you’re on a budget. When you’re in a bind and need an affordable service to manage your incoming communications, a telephone answering service could be just the answer.

Waste Not.

Wasted time means wasted business. From the time they are young, children are engrained with a list of life lessons that they’ll carry with them forever: say please and thank you, look both ways before crossing the street, sharing is caring, respect your elders, the list goes on. And among these important values, children are also taught to value time – both their own, and other’s. Time is one of the most valuable commodities in life because it’s completely out of our control. And that’s why it’s so important to make the most of every minute.